Oct 14

List custom URL Schemes in OS X

Sun, 10/14/2012 - 16:02 — peter

was playing around osx and figured out how to list all the custom url schemes (from the command-line)...

-dump|egrep "(bindings.*\:$)"|sort

The output is something like this:

		bindings:      addressbook:
		bindings:      adiumxtra:
		bindings:      adobebridge:, adobebridges:
		bindings:      afp:
		bindings:      aim:
		bindings:      aim:
		bindings:      alfredapp:
		bindings:      alfredapp:
		bindings:      applescript:

This was particularly interesting for me because I can plug these in Alfred's Powerpack settings and have it, say, open a contact's Facebook or LinkedIn page after I find my contact through Alfred's interface.