Feb 21

Installing Amazon MP3 Downloader under Ubuntu 64 bit

Sun, 02/21/2010 - 19:18 — peter

I use Amazon's MP3 store and it's accompanying downloader application. It came time to set it up on another 64-bit machine and I thought this would be a good opportunity to document the install process.

First, you gotta have getlibs.deb installed by downloading the file and typing sudo dpkg -i getlibs.deb.

Before we can install the amazon downloader, you will need a few other packages. Use the following bash shell 1-liner to get them all.

for i in libglademm libboost-filesystem \
libboost-regex libboost-thread \
libboost-iostreams libboost-signals libboost-date-time; do \
apt-cache search $i |egrep -v "dev|doc|dbg"|sort|tail -n 1|\
cut -d' ' -f1; done| xargs sudo apt-get -y install

After that is done, install the amazonmp3.deb file you got from amazon.com by typing dpkg --force-architecture -i amazonmp3.deb.as well. Download them from the links provided and install them with dpkg -i. Note that the amazon deb file is 32-bit (the whole purpose of this entry!), so you will have to add the --force-all option to dpkg.

The only thing that is left is run getlibs against the amazon executable. Do that by typing sudo getlibs `which amazonmp3` and confirming the prompt by getlibs. Now associate the amz file extension with the /usr/bin/amazonmp3 in either your browser or your operating system.

This is it! You should now be able to purchase and download mp3's from amazon with your 64-bit *buntu box!

Easy Peasy!